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Coming back down to Earth

Posted on: August 17, 2011 3:59 pm
Yes, I am once again single.

Yes, once again, the vague quality of male friendship, Fantasy Sports, playing football in a local men's league, and volunteer activities are once again occupying my time.  They are creating the distraction that is keeping me sane while I whittle away the desperate hours of my life.

The meaningless of sport confronts me.  How can I help but love the Packers?  I cannot help.

But here, the rebound girl that I was dating was actually a girl crazed to have a baby.  She didn't want me - she wanted my seed.

It seemed so dark and impersonal - I could have been anyone with a decent DNA profile and fertile semen, and bam, she would have wanted me.  She did not understand my passion for football.  She only cared that it ran interference on her capacity to get close to me. 

Not so close that we actually KNEW each other, but close enough that I would be willing to impregnate her.

On a side note, I recently joined a league on MFL with a bunch of dudes from FFToday.

Once I get to know them a bit better, I am going to subtly inquire into how desperation and distraction is driving these guys.

Do those things go together more than anyone would care to admit.  In the Fantasy of my Fantasy...who knows?
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